spasmodic irregularity, and other fun happenings

2 November 1978
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Well, this is my third *real* journal. I'm in a new phase of my life, and would like to chronical it in a symbolically new journal (even if I fill it with the same old crap). I hope to be more courageous in this one, even if most of the company I keep had pretty different opinions than I do about some things. Variety is the friction of life, eh?

I'm a pastor's son, a musician, occasionally a writer (though I dream up ideas and don't follow up on them on a daily basis), a husband to a fabulous woman who I love dearly and admire more than she knows and desparately need to stay objective, and a grudging pseudo owner of two mischievious cats and one turtle who likes to sit in his poo water.

I'm in the process of finishing school after way too long, trying to regain my musical focus, and be a more earnest person, overall.