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spasmodic irregularity, and other fun happenings

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December 3rd, 2008

Well, folks, I've decided to go back to my "smudgedidentity" journal.  It has more features and no ads.  Yay, loyalty!  See you there.

November 25th, 2008

My newest song "Sad Town"


Sad Town


What is it about this town/ everyone seems to stick around/ try to dream, and the dreams die/ intangible pie in the sky

Some try to get out of this town/ don’t take long to come back down/ grease-stained auto repo man/ chain smoking mom in minivan


The diner’s open all night long

Greasy spoon with coffee strong

A place to go when hope is gone

With their pics of high school teams

All at their peaks, it seems

It seems there’s nothing here for me


What is it about this town/ after six most shops close down/ liquor store to save the day/ late night games of poker played


Diner’s open all night long

Greasy spoon with coffee strong

Good place to go when hope is gone

With the pics of high school teams

Frozen in time, it seems

It seems cold in here to me


I’ve gotta get out, to say goodbye

Or I will be here until I die

Never knowing how to live

If the Good Lord makes a way

I swear to God I’ll pray

And give it all I have to give (x2)


The diner’s open all night long

Greasy spoon with coffee strong

A place to go when hope is gone

With the pics of ideal scenes

All fraying at the seams

It seems a saddened town to me


I’ve gotta get out of this town

I’ve gotta get out of this town

November 18th, 2008

Givin' it another go...


I think I'm crawling out of my funk...  I just spent a good 30-40 minutes crafting a nice, moody bit, and it felt pretty good.

I may make this thing work after all.

My goal is to craft a storytelling E.P.  I want to use all the songs I already wrote to help establish myself, and do new material as well.

I'll keep things posted here, in fits and starts, so to speak.  :)



November 16th, 2008

Back in business.

So, I bought a new unit, same as the last, at Starving Musician for $200.  Not a bad deal, and I can sell it for $100 or more than I bought it for  if I choose to at some point.

We'll see if I actually make something of it.

I'm really tired of playing by myself, though.  I may give the whole thing up if I don't get into it.

November 12th, 2008


It is dead.  Dead, dead, DEAD.  All the stuff is fried and gone.

I'm trying to scrounge up enough dough to get another recording unit.  I really want to ht the ground running.

November 9th, 2008

Too upset to sleep


I'm too upset to sleep.

This evening, I felt like maybe doing some recording, to lay down song ideas.  It's been a long time.

I used a Boss Digital Multi-tracking Recorder to record all my demos (even if I was winging it).  It was cathartic and fun.  And meaningful.
This evening, it wouldn't power on.  The lights would blip on and then nothing.

There were many unfinished recordings on there.  Riffs, original multi-tracks of everything that I had hoped to mix/master, or fix, with new tracks laid down.

I've been working on music with that thing for about 5 years.

Now, there's a very real possibility that everything is gone.  Yes, I did cry a little bit.  It may be premature; I may be able to get it running with a new A/C adaptor.  But I think it's just not working anymore.  Maybe I moved it too many times.

I feel sick, though.  Just knowing that I could record at any time was a safe feeling for me.  Like I could pick up and keep going; could do much more than I had before.

Maybe I can scrape together enough money to buy another one.

Right now...

Right now I'm sad.

November 4th, 2008

Political stuff.

Yay, socialism.

I'm glad that the conditions exist for the U.S. to elect an African American for president, but I wish it was a situation where people were better informed as to his actual politics.

Hopefully, he'll govern from the center.  I'm hoping he'll install a good cabinet.

He'll have a lot of magic to do to pull off his promises during the campaign.

The ball is in the Democrats' court- they'll have to produce or suffer a backlash.  No more excuses.  It's much easier to gripe than to govern.

Personally, I think it should have been Clinton, who I voted for in the primaries.

October 25th, 2008

Almost 30.

Good grief, I'll be 30 in one week and 22 minutes.  Maybe that explains the achy knees, eh? ....

I need to work in this new journal.  Find some new "friends" to banter with.  I really walked away mostly from LJ for a good while, though I ghosted once every few weeks.

Life changes with time.  I'm in a townhouse, with my own garage.  I think that makes me a man or something.  Or maybe I need a big BBQ with a push-button igniter.  That sounds nice.

I saw my friend and former bandmate, Matt Saunders, the other week.  We talked about starting up again, so I've been checking Craigslist.  No luck yet, but I'm hopin'.  AND I got my gear back- it'd been in his storage thing for TWO YEARS.  On the upside, that's two years less wear-and-tear, and my 2nd guiter is still "new", so yay about that.

I'm on the verge of a promotion at work.  They've already discussed it with me, on the condition that I performed well on the next few assessments I did, and I've aced those with flyong colors.  I'm really enjoying my job- it's nice to help people who need it, and teaches me a lot about myself.

Getting back to the turning-30-thing... I feel like I'm maturing.  Not losing my sense of wonder, but overall making better decisions.  I've just been accepted to San Jose State University, where I'll finish the last of my classes for my LOOOOONG overdue BS degree in Journalism.  Really, I've been doing post-graduate work in my field for some time, but it will be really nice to have it.  Just finishing college, to me, shows that I've grown up a bit.  I was dodging it for a good while.

Anyway, that's it for the moment.  I need to make more friends to read this stupid thing.


June 15th, 2008

A Case For Conservatism


The further we drift from God
The further we’ll have to walk
To get back to that place
Where we remember how to talk

Self-determinism has its merits
Taking ownership for your faults
But are we our own saviors
Soaking our feet in our own salts

Oh God I need you
Cuz I’m eating away
At the enamel on my teeth
With which I ruminate
On all that matters

The distance we set between us
And the places that remind us
Of our original purpose
Is sadly giving us no pause

These ideals equal weakness
As we seek a silence
A muting of the voices
That would try to slow us down

Oh God we need you
Cuz we are eating away
At the enamel on our teeth
With which we ruminate
On all that matters

Is conservatism really backwards
I want to stop and take it in
Before I choose a course of action
That could completely do me in
Cuz what’s wrong with thinking
Before you start the jumping
That strands you in a in a puddle
Where no one can do anything
To get you out

Oh God I need you
Cuz I’m eating away
At the enamel on my teeth
With which I ruminate
On all that matters

June 12th, 2008

Man oh man, but I'm finally on vacation, and not a moment too soon.  I feel like my brain has been turning into nuclear waste over the past few weeks, with all the work I've done lately.

Tomorrow, I'm going to fish in Santa Cruz with my buddy Chris ([info]silver_tusk).  I've never fished off the pier before, so that'll be fun.  Then Sunday, Jennie and I will fly down to L.A., where we'll board our cruise ship for our trip to Mexico.  And yes, I'm having flashbacks to that Claire Danes movie "Brokedown Palace" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120620/).

I've downloaded all the season 4 episodes of Battlestar Galactica to my Zen's hard drive, so I'm ready to go!

Oh, and I'm totally Jealous of Chris' Sega Nomad.  Those things were pretty rare- essentially a portable Sega Genesis only available at Toys R Us.

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